The Route

From a silly idea to a proper plan:

In spring 2014 I travalled the Garden Route and the southern part of South Africa. During this trip I got the silly idea to cycle along the west coast, cause my trip missed this part out. Futhermore I ever wanted to see the Fishriver Canyon. In 2013 I did together with a friend a cycling tour cross Slovenia, so why not to cycle in africa?!  So the plan was built to cycle from CPT to WDH and back on a different route from January to April 2015.

My aim is not to hunt many kilometers or miles or anything, I just want to have enough time to get in touch with the two countries and have the time to stop where and whenever I want to. There should be enough time to take photos and get in contact with people to have a chat or drink a coke together. In addition there should be enough buffer to make spontanious trips or of course to fix bike parts in case.

Problems to think about:

  • Water transportation on long cycling distances in the Namib and the Kalahari desert. -> Taking many single bottles and a 3l widepac for thirsty times during riding with me. Add some electrolytes to prevent dehydration.
  • Sleeping without tent and snakes during summer time (watch your shoes in the morning!). -> Should be smarter to take a little and light oneperson tent with me.
  • Not sure if it is a good idea to have derailleur gears in the sandy namib desert -> Got the advice not to oil the chain when riding the desert!

Here is map of the “main route” I have a more specific one but there are no topographic information in it.


3 month – 5000km – 15000hm


2 thoughts on “The Route

  1. Hi,
    I saw your blog on WarmShowers newsgroups, it’s very interesting and it seems to be a great adventure. Your photos are very nice also.
    Can you tell me with what you draw the itinerary ?
    Best regards,

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