Who’s that girl


Bikepacking and Photography      photocredit: Brigitte Jais

Born in Munich 1989 I always loved activity, as long as I can remember. Cycling was not an “always passion” for me. I discovered my pleasure for it, when I was 22. Before, I cycled to school and around the city to visit friends. One day a really good friend of mine borrowed me her second mountainbike and took me on a tour, even that I was not trained at all! First of all it was just very exhausting and painfull when my legs were full of lactate from the first uphill part on. But I got better from tour to tour and soon I got stoked about being outside. At the same time you are getting forward very eco-friendly and healthy, this is very important to me because I love the outdoors. This is the main reason why I love cycling and furthermore you can stop for photographing or having a chat to strangers more easily than with a car. Instead of walking it is possible to ride 100km or more on one day, what is quite relevant when passing long distances without any resources for water.

In 2015 I did a 3 month cycling trip from Capetown (South Africa) to Windhoek (Namibia) and back.

4 thoughts on “Who’s that girl

  1. Hi Krümel :-), eine schön gestaltete Seite, Daumen hoch. Freut mich, dass ich Dir jetzt auf diesem Weg bei Deinen vielen Unternehmungen folgen kann. Bin gespannt, was da noch alles kommt.
    LG Stefan

    BTW: Fahrräder trägt man nicht, die fährt man 😀

  2. Ich bin ja noch immer keine Moutainbikerin – und werde es wohl auch nie werden. Bin und bleibe eher Flachlandradler 😛
    Aber diese Entwicklung habe ich auch durchgemacht: Erst war das Rad einfach ein Alltagsobjekt, das ich gerne genutzt habe. Mit 21 habe ich dann fürs Radwandern Feuer gefangen. 🙂

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