2 day trip to Bellinzona

Bellinzona is the capital of the Canton Ticino, the italian speaking part of Switzerland.


It is a wonderful town and has a lot to explore. There are quite a view hiking trails, lost places to discover, a lot of sports and of course good coffee and most the time good weather.

If you visit Switzerland I really can recommend to stay in a youth hostel, there are many great places all over the country and most of the time they are located in special places like castles or other nice old buildings.


Youth hostel in Bellinzona

Every year there is an international Judo competition the “Torneo Città dei 3 castelli”

There are other sports events around, every weekend.


A must do is of course to visit the three castles of the town, which are listed as UNESCO world heritage site since 2000.

If you walk up to Castel Grande instead of taking the elevator you can spot a lot of nice little details on the castel walls.

From Castel Grande you have an amazing view to the town.

Different angles and different directions, you have a 360 degree view around the area.

If you walk further up to the other 2 castles on the hill, you get a free little workout and more views. But there is more to discover in the mountains of Bellinzona:

Take a hike up to Prada, a former little village in the woods. Nowadays it is more a lost place. Only the church looks like it is still maintained and visited by locals.

Another option is to take a hike up to the 270m long Tibetan Bridge “Carasc”

A lot of program for only 2 days, but a wonderful place and surely there is more to see another time.


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