Algeria a Résumé

Two weeks in the desert, THE desert. Two weeks in the Sahara.


Cameltrekking with the Tuareg in Algeria.


I must say it was a really intense time and it took a couple of days to get in the flow, let behind all the thoughts of work, life and other things which I worried about. But once you forgot to think about things you cannot change, (can`t change anyway anything when you are traveling in the desert by camel without any reception for a phone call) it became such a relaxing daily routine.




In the morning I packed my sleeping bag away and the fire was already burning and I just had to follow the smell of fresh coffee. After breakfast we had to pack all the gear on the camels and saddle the riding camels to get our little caravan started.



After a while (usually 2-3h) we unpacked everything on a nice spot in the shade and had lunch.


After every meal it was time for the traditional three green teas “les trois verres”.

The first is bitter like life. The second is sweet like love. And the third is gentle like death.DSC_4600k

Packing again and saddling again and another 2-3h on the camels, letting thoughts come and go while just enjoying the beautiful scenery, we found a place for the night. Unpacking again.


Now it is time for the camels to relax and find food, as they where such good and hard working companions every day!


Between afternoon ginger tea time and dinner everyone usually grabbed a little bucket, filled it with about 500ml water and looked for a lonely place to have a “shower”. Yeah 300-500ml is really enough to get clean including to wash your hair! Water is life, so we couldn`t waste too much.

After that was done it was time for dinner and calling the day “a day” by sitting at the fire and talk about life, culture and listen to !live! tuareg music.


I look forward to see more of you, beautiful SAHARA! See you again.


2 thoughts on “Algeria a Résumé

  1. You realy describe this from your heart, it’s nice to her this. The desert usually always attract only pure peopel.

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