Make your trip a project

Lately I went to Greece for a week. It was a long time ago, that I chose to stay at a single place for a whole week and I must say it was quite relaxing not to pack and unpack the bags every single day.

As you are able to explore the place at every single time of the day and that you can even wait some days, when the light for photography is not great, makes it easier to be creative.

I know so many times when I visited a place of my dreams and than in this particular moment, the light was not great, but I had to leave the next day…

Firstly I had a great accomodation on Mykonos, where you could see the ocean and sunset from the own little balcony.


During the day I loved to explore all the little narrow roads and spot for nice photo opportunities.

During the week I wanted to take photos of the most famous places. But it should not be just touristy shots, I wanted to combine it with some yoga moves.


It was end of season, so it was possible not to get no tourists on the photos, but I guess in high summer season there will be no chance of having a “peope free” shot. If you don`t mind that it is not that hot anymore to go for a refreshing swim, but have a hot shower to warm up after a swim, you should visit all the beautiful famous holiday places in off-season. I went for a snorkel and had a hot shower afterwards, it was still beautiful!

A stopover in Athens and some strolling around the town were a nice Goodbye to Greece.


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