Swiss Tradition

The whole story started 2 weeks ago, when I brought the rubbish to the bin. We seperate rubbish and I put all the cardboard in this paper bag:


Schwingen is a traditional sport in Switzerland. It can be kind of compared to olympic wrestling.

So today was a very sunny day and I just changed my brake pads on my bike, so I had to make a tour to brake it in and test it. I decided to buy a new brand, where you can change only the pads, which saves you the hassle to screw it off and on and put it in the right position every time you wanna change your pads. Sounds nice, so I give it a try.


I slept late, so I just grabbed 2 bananas to eat on the way and took some powerbars and some swimming stuff, just for the case… It was nice just to ride with a daypack.

I should have prepared the tour a little bit better, because I got lost on a hiking path just 40 minutes after leaving the town… I had to carry and push the bike up and down, up and down. So I was already so exhausted from carrying and pushing the bike all along the hiking path that I thought about not going up to the “Schwägalp” and just take a little circle without all the altitude which lay still in front of me… But I wanted to decide in Urnäsch where you can decide to go up the pass or take the left to go to Appenzell.


But then I finally found the right road and some signs for bikers (The yellow ones are only for hikers). Back on the track I could enjoy the view again.

DSC_7330kShortly after Urnäsch there was an option to go on a mountainbike path and as the main road was really busy with cars I decided to take the detour to get away from all the traffic. I ended up on a really nice tarred road up to my destination. 500m climbing later I arrived at the traditional “Schwingen” match and bought me a sausage and an apple juice and watched the men fighting for a while.


For the way back I wanted to take a different route via Appenzell. So I took another MTB path. But this time it was all gravel and shaked me and my bike through like a mixer.

Shortly after Appenzell one of the brake pads just flew away, so I had to fix it. It was more a human failure than a material one, I put it in the wrong way :D. So I changed to pads quickly to the right side. I am really surprised that it did not come out when I was going all the way down on the gravel to Appenzell. Lucky me I guess.


Some more beautiful views on the way back.


It was an amazing tour for such a sunny sunday, but now I am really tired, I think espacially the hiking path detour made it so tough.


Last but not least I jumped into the lake near where I live, that was a nice ending of the tour.


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