With the Nikon D90 around Sardinia


Lots of luggage the DSLR including lenses, tripod and charging gear. Usually it fills up my handluggage quite well. So there is not much space left for other things. This time I only took a small bag to checkin, as it was only one week on the island. The tripod was too big to fit in, and it was the first time, that I tried to take it into the plane. I always was worried, that this does not work, but luckily a tripod seems to be no problem to take with your hand luggage into the plane. Must remember it for the next time.

Landing at the Cagliari Airport, soon checking out the rental car. I have to advice you always think about how high your limit of the credit card is, because the rental car companies want to have some securities in form of your bank account. I forgot to raise mine, so the result was that the company wanted to have nearly the same amount of money I already payed for the car for one week, to upgrade the insurance to fullkasko… Next time I know!


After a long drive over thousand mountainpasses to Oliena in the northeast of the island it was nice to checkin a wonderful accomodation on top of a mountain in the area Nuoro.


Sunsets are always magic and it is so much fun to catch it with a DSLR because you can play around with exposure and change lenses, angles and and and…


… take some selfies!


I like to travel minimalistic and always get frustrated if I take too much stuff and only use half of it. Most of the time I don`t use the tripod, but if I do not take it I always regret it, so I got used to carry it around, most of the time and not use it, just to know if I want use it I could…


For night shots it is so much easier to have a tripod with you, than to hope for a proper underground to put your camera on.


From the east to the west. I don`t own a underwater housing for the D90, so I tried to catch some moments of the rough sea at the wild west coast.


Actually the west coast is not that wild, it was only one evening when the wind was howling. The next morning the ocean was calm and beautiful turquoise. Sardinia is like a dream for snorkeling with clear waters, see yourself:


So this was a little best of, of one week Sardinia with the D90. So feel free to compare the three posts of the cellphone camera, the Gopro and the DSLR. All of its kind has some advantages and disadvantages, but I think it is worth to take at least one camera with you, where ever you go.


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