Under the surface: Pros and Cons of the Gopro

Long, long time I thought about if it really is really necessary to get a Gopro. The quality for photography is not really good, as it is designed to take mainly video material. Some nice facts about the Gopro are that it is

  • compact, small and light
  • waterproof and will be protected in dust, sand or seawater.
  • a nice and “cheaper” alternative to an underwaterhousing for a DSLR

On the other hand:

  • It is small and if you loose the camera underwater, maybe you will loose it (but you can invest in an additional floater and an armstrap)
  • it is still expensive, if only used for photography
  • the quality cannot beat a DSLR
  • the batterypower is not great, even with the additional batterypack


So I gave it a try and tested the Gopro3+ on the coast of Sardinia

If used on land, I would prefere a DSLR, because you can change lenses or zoom


The wide angle has a nice effect, but the picture quality on the sides is not great. If you don`t plan to print your images, it works ok, in my opinion.DCIM100GOPRO

Underwater the camera works reliable. If there is enough light the pictures are sharp. I recommend to go only shooting when there is enough sunlight, preferable during noon when there are no clouds. Otherwise your photos will become more like abstract art.

If you want to get some half land / half under water photos you must invest in a proper dome.

If you want to shoot small fish or something with fore and backround, it becomes difficult. You must get close to your object and most of the times the focus will be on the backround, you cannot choose it manually.


In the end it is quite exciting to check out the SD-card in the evening on your pc, there will be a lot of surprises.



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