6 reasons for carrying a cellphone instead of a DSLR to your holiday


The next blogposts are more about photography than about cycling. Last week I spent on Sardinia and I had 3 photocameras with me. There was my cellphone, the Nikon D90 and the Gopro.

So I want to start with some pics from the cellphone, because sometimes I do not want to carry around the heavy and bulky camera. Changing lenses, take care in sandy conditions,…

So a cellphone is a really nice tool to catch some holiday memories. In case you don`t want to print your images it does not matter how good the cellphone camera is, in my eyes.

But anyway you can compare these photos with the next posts, coming soon. Here are six reasons why only to take a cellphone.

  1. Expecially during a flight, when the airplane is fully booked, it is nice just to have your cellphone with you on the seat to take photos. Usually I want to sit next to the window, to have the view, but then your space for the legs is limited. The little pocket of the front seat is too small to put the chunky camera in.DSC_0496
  2. You quickly can take some photos during driving (actually you sould not do it during driving, better take a short stop)DSC_0559
  3.  It is easy to explain to some one else if you have forgotten your tripod and still want to have a photo of yourself. If I give my camera to someone else to let them take photos, I usually preset everything. But even so, sometimes the photo will be out of focus, when I forget to set it on manual focus. There can just go so many things wrong. So I find it easier just to hand over the cellphone.DSC_0579
  4. You can upload your photos to social networks easily, like instagram, facebook or just send it to your friends via whatsapp. Sure todays cameras usually have wifi and you can upload it directly or send it to your phone. But my Nikon cannot do that, so it is much easier this way.DSC_0597
  5. If you want to go to the beach or another touristy/ lonely place, your bag will look more unremarkable than with a big bulky camera including lenses in it. So hopefully the danger to get robbed is not as big. DSC_0589
  6. If you do not take photos against the sun, in most cases it will be enough to take photos with the cellphone or a small little camera. But most of the times the dynamic range can not compete with your DSLR…DSC_0619



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