Around Lake Constance

Back on the European continent I did not rest alot. Next mission was already planned. It was a tour with the bicycle around lake Constance through Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Starting in Bregenz in Austria there were 250ks to go. Lovely kilometres right next to the shore of lake Constance. Most the time the water was clear and shivering blue/ turqoise.


Crossing the river Rhine and cycling in an beatiful nature reserve of the Rhine delta.


There was a group doing yoga on SUPs which is a pretty awesome idea!


From Bregenz the next stop was Switzerland. From Rorschach which is right at the lake we made a nice tour to St. Gallen. We decided to go off the beaten tracks and ended up on nice trails. Pure flow!



Too much “FLOW” for me… Got my first puncture!

Wonderful view from the hills of St. Gallen down to the city and you even can spot the lake from above.

In school I was stoked when we learned about Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his Art. So it was a nice experience to see one of his buildings on the way. The “Markthalle” in Altenrhein is just one of his amazing architectural artwork. After I have visited the toilet in Kawakawa, New Zealand and the famous Hundertwasser house in Vienna I checked another point on the list of his artworks.DSC_5530DSC_5536

Just shortly before Kreuzlingen I had another puncture, I already was quick in changing the tire, so no worries. The tube I fixed at night, when we arrived the accomodation.

The Rhinefall is not exactly on the route of surounding lake Constance, but it is worth to do the detour. First of all the route parallel to the river Rhine is as beautiful and secondly the Rhinefall is quite a thing to see. Antoher UNESCO world heritage site!


On the route there were some people camping. One day I want to do the same, going with a kayak and pack just everything in for a nice 2 day camping adventure.


But for now I was happy to cycle…


Ok actually I did cheat a little bit, took the ferry from Konstanz to Meersburg.

The “Meersburg” is a nice old and very well kept castle looking on the lake. The poet “Droste Hülshoff” lived here for a while, no wonder she was inspirated by the view and wrote such nice and inspiring poems and stories.


From this point on cycling was easy, the view tells more than a thousand words…


Reaching Germany, the last distance until Bregenz were made. As another cultural highlight  I can point out the Zeppilin museum in Friedrichshafen.


Before heading to our final destination we enjoyed some more views and a little jump into the lake.


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