Adventure Bike – Exploring the Ocean

Another one, another trip.DCIM100GOPROBefore I had to leave South Africa, I was able to go again on an adventurous trip with Gertrud. Gertrud is fast. Gertrud is heavy. Gertrud is a BMW R1200GS.

Here is Gertrud:


We started from guje ou Kaapstadt. Before leaving I wanted to catch one last sunset at beautiful Noordhoek beach. So, here we go.




The plan was to head North parallel to the Atlantik Ocean shoreline. I love the West Coast. One day I want to visit the Flower Season in South African wintertime. But for now it was planned to make a trip to Lambert`s Bay to see the gannets.

On the way we stopped at Draaihook which is close to Elands Bay  famours surfers spot.

It was nice to stay close to the ocean, so it was possible to take a swim in the evening. It usually was not a very long swim, more an in-and-out experiece. The Atlantic is just too cold to play in without wearing a wetsuit. But surfers have fun there for hours!


So as promised, next stop Lambert`s Bay. The gannet colony is a stinky spectacel, but really worth it. You can get quite close and there are a lot of information around the spot.

DSC_8562kThe day, we visited the colony it was rough weather, but still a nice atmosphere. And after coming back from the birding hide there are several options to take a lunch break, before heading further on the road.


Here are two photos of the gannet colony. It was realy impressive to listen to all those birds and to watch them from the hide.DSC_8577k-2DSC_8588k

The short trip to Lambert`s ended with a nice sunset on the road.



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