Adventure Bike tour into the desert

The desert, once again…

Gannaga Pass Tankwa

Gannaga Pass and the dry landscape of the Karoo

People who know me well, know that I love the desert. 35°C means warming up temperature for me. The hotter, the better. Not only in Finland I loved to be in the heating sauna, in Africa you don`t need a sauna, you get around 50°C during the day in summer time.

I think the hottest moment I ever experienced was when I was rolling down to Vioolsdrift with by bicycle back in 2015. Between the big rocks in the area of Kowieprivier.

This time a trip to the Tankwa Karoo Nationalpark was planned. Tankwa lies in the Northern Cape in South Africa. Actually the Karoo is a semi-desert, but still very dry.

DSC_8649kWe came into the park from Calvinia. It is tough riding, so it was a good idea to stay over in Calvinia for the night and start early in the morning direction Tankwa Karoo Nationalpark.

DSC_8657kIf you wanna stay over officially inside the park, you have to book in advance via Sanparks website.

DCIM100GOPROWe booked a camping spot at Perdekloof. Every camping spot has its own ablution block, so it is really luxury. But this means as well, that you have to check in before and fetch the key at the registration point around 10 minutes ride from the campsite.

When we arrived at the site, we got to know our little neighbour for the night.


DSC_8715kBefore having a braai with some meat and bread we brought on the bike, of course, we had to watch the sunset.

Starting the fire and enjoying a real lekker South African braai.

DSC_8804kAfter a stairy night in the 1.000.000 star hotel we got up early as usually. Another day on the bike was waiting. Yesterday we went over the Gannaga Pass, which was not a big challenge. But today we had to get up the Ouberg Pass to reach Sutherland.


The gravel road was still fine…


The Ouberg Pass was very rocky and we lost the backup GPS on the way. Luckily it only was the back up. you don`t wanna get lost in such an arid place without knowing how to get to the next spot which offers water to drink.

DCIM100GOPROAfter getting up Ouberg Pass the weather changed imediately. Sutherland is not for nothing known as one of the coldest places in South Africa. In winter it snows.


The next morning we found ICE in on the bike in SUTHERLAND. If you don`t freeze too bad in the night, you should go stargazing. Sutherland is famous for its stargazing opportunities, there even is SALT the South African Large Telescope. So check out STARS and SALT when you ever get there!

The next day meant to go back to Cape Town. Shame, I already miss being in the desert. But the Cape of Storms calls. On the way we had one of the best capuccinos in Matjesfontein. Actually we wanted to stop there to get some fuel. We found a petrol station. But it was not working… Only part of a museum.



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