Desert is a playground


Swakopmund, a town in mid of the desert. I learned how to skydive there in 2010. I got in love with this town in 2010. A place right in the desert, next to the ocean.


I came back to breath in the air of Swakop again. Looking for little animals in the desert. DSC_2434kDSC_6023k

Looking forward to the Atlantic ocean and the seabreeze.


Seeing more animals at the beach. But never forget a warm hoodie, it will be cold in the desert town Swakopmund!DSC_2121k

But all Swakopmunders love their beachfront, sometimes you can be lucky and see some delphines playing in the Mole.DSC_2291k

If you feel too cold, you just drive 10 minutes away from Swakp and you will be in the warm desert. Desert is a playground. You can go sandboarding, quadbiking, fatbiking or paragliding.



Never forget to have a proper Namibian braai!


When the day goes by and you had a lot of adventure, don`t miss out a night out during full moon. Take your sleepingbag, find yourself a nice spot and enjoy a fantastic night in the desert.

Goodbye my beloved Swakopmund, see you one day again!


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