Mighty Vicfalls

Final Destination: Victoria Falls, Simbabwe.


Finally, the Mighty Vicfalls in Simb. For  a very long time I wanted to see this UNESCO World Heritage site. I guess every traveller who goes to Africa hears from the Victoria Falls at least once and wants to see the highest falls in Africa as a result.

Victoria Falls the town on the Simbabwen side of the falls is famous for its adventurous tourist attractions. You can go white water rafting, bungee jumping, joining a helicopter flight or go to Sambia to visit the world famous “devil pools” where you can sit in a pond near the cliff of the falls.


I decided to join a little hiking tour down to the rushing water. We climbed on a rock and jumped into a little pool down in the Sambesi river.


Border between Simbabwe and Sambia, go bungee jumping from there!



In November, when I was visiting the Vicfalls, there was summers peak and not much water left after a long dry season. But the surounding landscape is still green from the Sambesi river and the spray water from the falls.


If you go little bit further away from the water the landscape will change from green into yellow and brown.

Enjoying sunset in Africa is always unique and every evening a new highlight.



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