Chobe – Negative experience

DSC_1548kIf you have not much time left during your journey, but you still want to see some wild african animals, Chobe Nationalpark is the one!


Like in my last post I wrote about different ways to join a safari. You can do it by car, selfdriving or guided, or you go on a boat tour.


With the boat tour, I have to be honest, I had a negative experience. First of all it did not feel like a real african safari, where you have to sit down, be quiet and look out for animals. The boat tour was more a cruise and there was a guide on the microphone who shouted around like we all have problems with our hearing.


“Please go to the bar, order yourself a drink” “Here you see a fish-eagle”

“Here you see elefants”



Well if you open your eyes you can find it yourself, but thanks…


But that was not the negative experience itself. Actually the worst thing I experienced was the behaviour of the people and especially the skippers. There was a couple with a young elefant trying to cross the river and the boats just came so close, there was not a meter in between.


The one parent got really frightened about the baby being not safe anymore.


At least our guide said, that we have to leave now, not to stress out the animals anymore. But there were other boats not stopping to block the way of the elefants. They stayed close only to give their customers “the one shot” sitting with their anyway too long telelense on the boat and supporting the bad manners of the boatcaptain.

So I just can give you the advice, if you really want to go to Chobe, make sure and clear that your captain must not stress out the animals and that you want to have a nice safari experience. But do not resist on photos, if it influences the normal habits and life of the animals!



Sometimes it is just nice to watch with our eyes and safe memories to your brain, not on the SD-card.


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