Chobe – African Safari Paradise

Chobe Nationalpark in Botswana is 10.566 km² huge. It was founded as the very first nationalpark Botswana in 1967 shortly after the country became independent.

Maybe you remember my last post about staying at Kwando Camp which is right next to river Kwando located. Actually Chobe river and Kwando river is the same one. Just that the river is called differently in different countries. Kwando is the Namibian name and Chobe the name in Botswana for the same water. (I think the river is called Cuando in Angola, where the origin spring is)

You can explore the park either with a normal safari in a car (self driving or guided) or you go on a boat safari [more about this (negative!) experience in the next post]. But now more about Chobe on land.

On the first morning I took part in a guided safari in a car, because I did not travel with a car, so I had to either ask people in the camp to take me with or book me in a group tour. So I did the group tour.


To be honest I was a little bit disappointed, because we did not see that many animals. Anyway I guess if you have done some really successful safaris before, you do not freak out about seeing a springbok anymore. But for some others in our group it was amazing, because we saw a mating scene of some lions and a lot of birds. What I really was excited about is that I saw an sea eagle from really close!


The light was great for photography in the morning, but this time we didn`t see any great scenes. Later when the light got hard we saw some lions, hyenas, springboks, hippos and a lot of birds.


So I decided to to some black and white processing,because the light was not great for stunning photos, anyway it was a nice morning safari. And it is nice to be up early: Carpe diem!

I really really love the heat, it was around nearly 50 °C and actually everyone was exhausted just from the 1 min walk to the shower, but I cannot help it I love the heat. I feel energized and just comfortable!DSC_1079kDSC_1034k1

In the evening I was lucky to spot this elephant on the other shore side of Chobe river. Watching sunsets in Africa is just a unique and exciting experience every single day. I cannot describe, but it is just special and I cannot get enough of it, ever!


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