Long days on the road

You must be prepared for long days on the road if you want to see different places in Africa. Sometimes the next town is miles away.

So I spent long hours on the road to get to Chobe National Park in Botswana.


But the nice thing about Africa is, that there is so much to see while driving. So one of the most important advices is to drive not too fast and to be concentrated all the time. Next to the road there sometimes in no fence and the animals can move around freely. You don`t wanna accuse a roadkill of these beautiful creatures, so drive carefully!


A short stop over at night in the Kwando Camp, to finish the last part to Chobe the next day. Unfortunately the Pool at the camp smelled like rotten feet. But the bar was really nice. A little lounge with view on the Kwando river and a gintonic for malaria prophylaxe worked well.DSC_0747kDSC_0782k

Thisfish comes right out of th river. And a lady made flour without any techniqual machines, just with her muscles and a wooden bucket.

DSC_0741k DSC_0698k



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