Our shop is in the bush


What a view, I really really love the mellow summer nights in Africa. When you just spend the night out with a thin layer sleeping bag and lying in the sand. When you wake up you just watch the unbelievable beautiful stars and you will sleep again peaceful. As long as you check your shoes the next morning! Sometimes a scorpion thinks your shoe might be a wonderful little cave to sleep in…

Before leaving direction Botswana a San (Bushman) came around and showed some survival tricks. How to find water in the dry Kalahari desert and that the shopping mall of the San is the bush.


The San are only one of Namibias indoginous tribes. But as I think one with the most origin knowledge about nature, hunting and gathering. Also the San people probably were the first inhabitants of todays Botswana. As so called semi-nomads, they moved around depending on the season and the food and water they can find in different areas.

But today the San people go to shops in the towns, too and go after normal jobs or do farming (what they did not originally).

A very interesting tribe and I wish I could gain some more knowledge from them about nature. As well I enjoy to listen to their traditional stories, which always have some “social” lessons included, too.


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