The distances in Namibia are usually very long from town to town, I really experienced that last year when I crossed the country by bike.

This time I enjoyed the luxury to sit in a car, so I was able to take some photos through the window.
The time I went by bike I didn`t take too many photos on the way, because it always was a little act to stop, get the camera out of the backpack, find a spot to put my bike and repack again after taking a photo. In the evenings I usually was so tired from riding in the heat all day long, I just wanted to jump in my sleeping bag and get some recovery. To be honest I thought I will take much more photos going by bike because it is slower, but things are always different to the theory…DSC_0935k



DSC_0824k-2If you travel by car, which you do not drive yourself, there is the problem you cannot stop everywhere you want. (The other side of the luxury). So I tried some panning shots during the long way  from WDH to Zimbabwe.

All pannings show the typical landscape of the Kalahari desert in the east of Namibia/ west of Botswana. I tried different lenses, a wide angle Sigma 10-20 and a Tamron 70-200. I personally prefer the wide angle pics, because they show this nice circle around the tree.

More stories about my trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe soon…


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