Hitchhike to Windhoek


After the wonderful rivertour by boat on the Oranje I made my way to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Noordwoewer the starting point of my journey is 800ks far away from Windhoek. I had no car.

The Intercape bus to Windhoek passes only every second day, so I decided to give hitch hiking a try. So my backpack and me waited at the petrol station in Noordoewer to find someome to pick us up. We haven`t had to wait long.

Only after about 15 minutes a guy saw me asking a family to take me with them, but unfortunately they were on the way to Cape Town. So the other man came to me and offered me a lift to Mariental. I took the chance.

He was on the way to bring a car to Gabarone, Botsuana and quite happy to have some company on the way. So I was happy to get a lift and we had a nice conversation, so the time flew by smoothly.

He dropped me off in Mariental and I walked to the only campground in the town. I had been there beginning of the year already, so I knew where to go. Last time it was raining so badly that I moved into the ablution block to stay the night there without bein soaked the next morning.


This time I was lucky and could stay in my tent. I met a indian couple from South Africa who wanted to start a business in Mariental. They were staying with me at the camp ground, in a tent as well. The next morning I met them again and didn`t believe how they changed. Both dressed up in business cloth, looking very serious! Wow, amazing. I like it, that they stayed with me at the camp, living a very simple life with a shared shower and so on. And at the same time, they are doing business in town like they just got up in they king size bed and walking out of their big house with a pool in the huge garden.

“You are what you wear!”

They told me they want to start up a business in Mariental and they want to sell all kind of bedding, they even brought a sample with them.

I love to meet such interesting people while traveling!

We said goodbye to each other and I made my way to the petrol station again, to find someone to pick me up direction Windhoek. But this time I was not so lucky than the day before. I asked about 20 people, but either they were on their way to Cape Town, there was no space anymore or they did not trust me to take me with…

But after about an hours time a minibus came cross me and asked me if I want to join to Windhoek. Sure, I said. It cost me 100 N$, which is totally fine for such a long journey. I got into a spare seat and leaned back to relax a bit. After the driver filled in petrol there were about 5 more people standing in the bus. But without a seat. So the driver said we have to move to let the people in. It was already very narrow, so some people complained. All of us payed for the ride and wanted to have a safe journey. But the driver wanted to earn more money. So it ended in a fight, where people wanted to have their money back and get off the bus. But the driver didn`t give anyone anything back, so the people didn`t want to leave without either. After half an hour discussion the driver gave up and told the people without a seat, that he cannot take them. Finally we left Mariental still with 2 people without seats, but they took two beercases and used it as a seat. So everyone was kinda fine, I justed hoped for no accident.


The ride was fine so far, only about 100ks were left to Windhoek and the car made a loud noise. *crshkchbaboum* Oh no! What happened? The car made noise while running, but no one knew what was broken. It sounded like the exhaused pipe was bein pulled behind the car, but the pipe was still fine. So it maybe was the wheel bearing or something else. Not to crash the car totally we went with about 20-30ks an hour direction Windhoek and finally arrived sometime in the evening…


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