Oranje in Pictures


Kayaking the Oranje day and night…

It started off with a very windy section, so the first day was already very exhausting. There was no warming up, just the wind which pushed to boat backwards if you wouldn`t have paddled with all your strengh.


After cooking dinner on the fire and having a cup of hot coffee the stars raised quikly and after taking some photos it was time to go to bed, to recover for tomorrow. If there would be as much wind, it`s gonna be another hard day. Good night!


The next morning woke Ronnie and me up with a wonderful show, this is why the Oranje is called Oranje river!

But now it was time to leave, the sun was already up and we wanted to make some ks before the heat starts at around 10am.


The wind pushed us into the reed and we had to fight not to get stuck.DSC_9805k

Luckily after some hours the wind dropped and we could relax our sore shoulders and arms a bit. DSC_9985k

A fisheagle escorted us on our way and flew circles above our little boats


We reached our place for the night and while Ronnie was making fire I checked out the area and took some sunset shots. It was amazing to see, that only the small area around the river had some greenery in it. The rest of the landscape was dry like desert.

DSC_0048k-2DSC_0080kDSC_0094k-2Selfy time 😀DSC_0065k-2

After another great dinner it was time to sleep again.



The next day was a little bit of sightseeing, so we stopped in a former mining area. Ronnie told me his brother was working here once. But now they do not mine diamonds anymore at this spot, because there were bigger ones found somewhere else. Sad to see that all the industrial stuff was just left behind and no one felt responsible to take it away, out of the beatiful desert.DSC_0228k

The wind was back and blew all the sand of the desert into our faces.

DSC_9887kThe night we stayed on the Namibian shore and met another group. So the two tourguides of the other group, Ronnie and me sat together around the bonfire and talked until late.DSC_9923k-2

The next morning the wind was gone and we looked forward to a relaxed paddling day.DSC_9925kSome photographic experiments on the way…


Another selfie time…DSC_0259k-2

And unfortunately the last night under the stars. I knew I will miss to sleep next to the Oranje, taking a bath during lunch time and just be out there without any cellphone reception. Only the river and you!DSC_0308k-2DSC_0314k-2


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