After a sleepless night

DSC_9746k Kopiek

After a sleepless night I took a walk to the camp where I was supposed to start a kayaking tour on the river Oranje. But still a Lost Place, not a single person, the camp did not look like there had someone been the last weeks.

So I walked back to Felix Unite and had already done a morning workout with by 15kg backpack. Luckily the manageress was already there. It is amazing how helpful people are!DSC_2994-1k

I was told to have a coffee and if I like even order some breakfast. So I had a quick shower and a coffee. What a nice gesture! After some hours the manageress came back to me and told me, she reached someone in the office from the other company and the lady on the other side of the line was shocked. She had forgotten to book me in and all river guides are on leave.

But I should come to the camp and wait, they will send someone. So I waited until the afternoon until 2 guys suddenly came to the camp. But just by coincidence, the guys were on holiday and just came quickly to fetch some private things. They were suprised to meet me, because when they talked to the office just the day before, they were told that no customer will come the next day and they can go on leave. OK?!

Another great gesture of some people: They said ok, we will call the office in South Africa and make a plan. In the end I started the tour still the same day, because they guys were ok to change their holiday to another day. I felt bad, because now they have to work, both have family at home.


In the end it was a wonderful trip on the Oranje, Ronnie my guide did a tour only with me and took great care, cooked wonderful dinner and knows the river really like his own pocket. I enjoyed stairy nights, uncountable shootingstars and 4 wonderful days in the wild. Far away from any cellphone reception and human influence. The fisheagle flew circles above our little boats and here and there a fish jumped out of the water to check out who are these intruders.








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