One night at the Bergriver!

Sounds great, I am in!

So Jermone, Bakkie, the Kayaks and me went on a little overnight trip to the Bergriver. We arrived in the late afternoon and set up the camp. This time not the man made fire, like usually in South Africa. No! This time I was in duty, because Jerome already prepared the dinner. Wow! Periperi Chickenliver. That is a quite special meal for a camping trip. I can say the result was more than deliciuous. I finished the pot, when Jerome said he had enough. Schwup like a little vacum-cleaner, all good food was in my stomach.


The night was full moon and so we sat a little while at the fire and chatted about god and the world. About more plans to do kayak trips and places we wanna see. The moon was rising higher and higher and there was time to count the stars out of my sleepingbag. So everyone went into his tent in middle of the million star hotel.


The next morning we went on another little kayak exploration on the river. Beautiful out there. We crossed a hidden area with hundreds of birds, had breakfast in a little bar on the one shore of the river and later went for a drink in a little settlement area, where everyone had a boathouse in his garden, as the property was directly at the river.


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