Kayaking in the Saldanha Bay


1503 António de Saldanha set as the first European citizien his foot on land of the bay. The Bay and the town on the northshore of the bay are called after the Portuguese Mr. Saldanha.

Today the Saldanha Bay is the biggest and deepest natural port in South Africa.

When I was on my way to Namibia again, I asked my travel buddy and friend Jerome, if he would like to go kayaking again and if he would like to spend some time together. I could not wait to come there again and go on a nice adventure! I love camping, I love kayaking and I love good food (as you already know).

So I was quite glad that Jerome likes all these things too and so we started on the next morning to Saldanha Bay to go for a little paddle.


The water in the bay has a beautiful turquoise colour and on a lovely sunny day it is just wonderful to be out there. This time we were very lucky, because the wind was not strong and it was easy to paddle back. Last time it was hard to get back to our starting point. Jerome said it from the beginning, that we will have to paddle back the hard way (good training effect), because the wind usually picks up the later it gets. So he was right.

During our paddling trip we found a lot of interesting creatures, there was the seadick for example. It gets hard and wet, when you touch it…

The next day we went on a little kayak-camping microadventure to the Bergriver. More soon…


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