Ronnie’s Sex Shop


On the backroads

From the Baviaanskloof we headed back direction Cape Town via all backroads we could find, the more gravel, the better and the happier we were!

Gertrud on the Dirtroad loves it to be covered in dust, so do we.

To exhale all the dust and dirt and to inhale a little bit more of the stunning greenery we stopped once more in Wilderness to recover a little bit. The next day we went over a view mountainpasses and through one nature reserve after the next. The Rooiberg Mountain Catchment Area was my most favourit. There the soil is really “rooi” (red) and you feel like you are in the outback of Australia. That is what I love about South Africa, it is such a big and multifarious country that you can discover a totally new and different area around every corner.

Amandas Grave

We ended up to come out on the Cape Route 62 and all of us were hungry. So we decided to stop at world famous “Ronnie`s Sex Shop”.


The Sex Shop is less a Sex Shop than it is a little restaurant and pub next to the road. Ronnie the owner was wondering and struggling to make business next to the well frequented Road 62 and had to think about a new marketing strategy. So Ronnie thought well, you know, “Sex Sells!” ?! So why not to rename the shop! Plan, Do, Check, Act,… and here we go. Today the business runs great and every South African knows about this little pub on the Road 62. All the tourists ask their guide what the sex shop is all about and carry Ronnie`s story all around the world.


Another famous fact is that there are a lot of slips and bras hanging on top of the bar. The barkeeper, probably was used to this view and did not think that is amazing, anyway a funny spot to visit!

Another beautiful trip ended and we all spent the last evening together at Noordhoek Beach in Cape Town.



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