The last night before entering the Baviaanskloof we stayed a night at wonderful Zandvlakte in the district Willowmore.


Margriet and Pieter, the owners are very nice and heartful persons.


They offered that we can have dinner with them and some other guests and that was the best decision we could have made. We got a 5 star dinner with a whole lot of different choices and as I love food I had to try everything. After that my tummy was so full but the dinner really was delicous.

As we already bought some braai meat, we decided to braai it anyway and use it as padkos the next day. Good choice that we stayed at Zandvlakte, the  entrance gate is just around the corner and so we started fresh and fit into the Baviaanskloof the “valley of baboons”.

The whole way is 200km long and very very difficult terrain to ride. You must be experienced in offroad riding and when we were there it started to rain in addition. So it was slippery and sometimes I had to jump off the bike to get “Gertrud on the Dirtroad” to the top of some steep and heavy climbs. The rocks are loose and not only small gravel rocks, sometimes there are bigger rocks and it can be dangerous if you hit one of these with the tire and it jumps up from the road.

But the beauty of this little part of the world is amazing. It is untouched nature at its best and the different greens were even more intense in the wet weather.


We exited the Kloof in direction Patensie after a whole day of riding. The weather did not get better and we were happy to get a hot and strong cappuccino at the “sweaty dutchman” in Kareedouw.


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