Like a rainforest

IMG_20150310_121252Wilderness, Knysna and the suroundings are so amazing green, even in the peakseason of summer. Such a difference to the dry desert like westcoast. I think,  I realised only now what the “Garden Route” is about and that it is very special this green bushes and trees. When I came first here in 2014 I was not that much stoked, I just came from Europe where it is green anyway. This time I started to appreciate the greenery much more and it was a nice experience coming from the dry part of SA. No wonder many South Africans come there for holiday, by the way the sea is just next door, too.




So we headed the next day direction Uniondale to ride through the Baviaanskloof, which is a wonderful gorge and a little National Park. You need to register at the gate and tell when and where you will leave the park, so in case you get lost or hurt they will look for you.

It is relativly difficult terrain and I was very glad not to be in charge to ride the bikes. My offroad experience is anyway limited, as in Germany we are not allowed at all to ride on dirtroads. Funny enough BMW is a top seller of adventoure bikes in South Africa!

More about Baviaanskloof the next time!


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