Oysters for Breakfast

Decadente! Decadente!DSC_3455k.jpg

To be honest I did not dream about it, but we had oysters for breakfast on the side of the road.

We stayed the night in Witsand were the Breede River flows into the Indian Ocean. We collected oysters directly at the beach infront of our accomodation. They look like a piece of rock in the firt moment, but if your eye got ued to the shape of the oyster, it will find the oysters!


Witsand and the mouth of the Breede river

So we bought some ice and a lemon from the shop in Witsand. (Funny fact: One lemon was more expensive than the other one, because they rised the prices for christmas holiday season!). Pepper, Salt and Tabasco we brought from CPT.


After some hours of riding, the ice slowley melts in the hot summersun, so we stopped on the side of the road and chared the oysters.





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