Neighbourhood Watch

DSC_3298kAfter we got some crayfish and a propper “padkos” in Pringle Bay, we were ready to start the roadtrip. So the same guys, who showed me how to survive and get food from the ocean, took me now with them and their bikes on a pleasant trip along the east coast of South Africa.


White sand on the beaches along the road


Kogelberg Nature Reserve

From Pringle Bay, where we stopped to pick up our mate and his bike, our first destination was planned to be Arniston. On the way we had a quick fish`n chips at Gansbaai. To be honest I was really disappointed because the fish was defrosted. So can you believe that? You sit down in a restaurant with this view:


and then they serve you a defrosted hake? But, what can you do… All of us were so hungry, so we did not sent the food back and insted ate it. The energy we gonna need further on.


Gertrud on the Dirtroad

So we took as many gravel roads as we could and I loved to go through the nature reserves as the Agulhas National Park. We saw some blue cranes on just 50m next to the road and I forced the boys to stop for a photo.


When we arrived in Arniston I wanted to go to the beach for the sunset, so luckily this wish got reality and as a thank you, I got some cool drinks for everyone.



Arniston is a beautiful little “dorpje” with wonderful beachlines. Obviously this is a favourite holiday spot of many people, because the best houses with seaview directly at the beach are empty, waiting for their owners during holiday season. So when it got dark there were only maybe 3 or 4 houses enlighted.


We were still busy unpacking the bikes when someone knocked on the door of the self catering house we rented for the night. It was already dark and so I let the guys open the door.
“Hello, we are from the neighbourhood watch, please close all curtains and do not leave anything outside, you will be slukked out.”

So we did, as they told us and closed everything, now with a

strange feeling. We had the best sunset we could have in this little village middle in paradise and now they tell us the crime is so high, that we will get robbed if we leave the curtains open.

Thy neighbourhood watch knocked again. So we opend

“Please close the curtain in the kitchen, we just wait here until you have done that”

Oh wow, this must be really serious!

In the end, luckily, nothing happend, but I appreciate that they told us to be careful, the neighbourhood watch was patrolling all night long. The people from this area who want to take part in do help voluntarily and work in different shifts every night. What a great idea and initiative!



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