Living from the Ocean


You can leave Africa, but Africa never leaves you

Yes that is so true, Africa did not want to leave me and so I pushed my Master`s Thesis when I came home from my 3 month bicycle trip and finished early to have time for another African adventure. I love the West Coast of South Africa and I met so many nice people there. Got invited to a kayaktrip in Vredenburg, had the best Namaqua Steak in Vredendal and met a Zimbabwen couple who helped me out with my puncture in Springbok. So I wanted to explore the places I had to miss out last time. But from the beginning: I started again in Cape Town, where I met some people I got to know in January. They are real Capetownians and showed me some parts of their daily life.

During my bicycle trip I learned how to live from the ocean. It is amazing if the shop with the freshest seafood is right next door, so I gave it a try to catch crayfish again. As I caught only too small ones last time in Lüderitz, which I had to release again, I wanted to give it another try.

First of all you must get a permit from the post office in South Africa ( In Namibia you will get your permit from the office of fishery, which exists in Lüderitz and Swakopmund, for sure in other towns like Hentiesbaai or Walvisbaai too) With the South African permit you are allowed to catch 4 crayfish a day but only on certain dates, which are mostly the weekends. In Namibia you can catch 7 crayfish a day from November until April, and the legal size is smaller.

Second you must get a scale to see if your crayfish is big enough to take home, ach and do not forget your licence at home, that`ll be a problem!

Ok, so far. As a wonderful side effect if you go on a sunny day when the water is clean, you`ll have a wonderful snorkeling experience!


The hoodie does not look stylish, but it keeps you warm!


In the beginning I was really panicing when I dived down and the kelp got on top of me. But after a while I got used to it and did waste less oxygen, and that helped me to be able to stay under water much longer.



A lot of life down there


Blackmussels, tasty as a starter


After two hours diving I was shivering and had to go out of the water


wonderful to catch your own lunch


mussel-cheese soup as a starter, and crayfish as main


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