Around the King “Ortler”

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Two weeks ago I took a week off from my Masters`s Thesis and went with a friend and our bikes to Alto Adige in Italy.

Our plan was to ride around the mountain “Ortler”. We did some research in the internet and found out that this is no beginners tour:

  • Distance: 359 km
  • Ascent: 11.425 m

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We had 7 days to finish the tour and we only took our sleepingbags, bivybags and some clothes. Food we wanted to buy in supermarkets on the way. After two days clycling and a lot of pushing over rocks we realized this tour is definately harder than we thought. Every day we started at around 5am and cycled until around 4pm. We didn`t believe that we will finish it in 7 days because I got a bad cough and was not able to sleep deep. There were situations I really was pushing my limits and it is amazing what our body and mind can bear up against if it has to. Instead of our concerns that with the physical struggle from about 10 hours cycling per day, the cough got better and we were able to continue. Last but not least we made it in 6 days and so it was nice that we had some time left to visit a friend in Sulden and so we stayed the night there in a comfy bed.

But now please feel free to take a look at the picuteres. The most amazing part of the tour was that we had been on top of 2500m for nearly one week. Hard climbs were worth it and the stunning views were paying off all the drugdery.

Passo di Tonale

Passo di Tonale

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