Back home, but the adventure goes on

Only some weeks back in Germany I got an invitation to take part in a ballooning competition. Of course I said yes in between 5 minutes and so it came that I was able to fly with the pilot who invited me.

So it came that I sat 3 days later in a train direction competition.


I wanted to do a little microadventure and decided not to take a bus to our accomodation and to walk through the bush. I had a compass with me and tried to navigate with a photo of the areamap I took at the train station.



After some detours and around 100 ticks, wich I tried to remove from my legs every 5 minutes I arrived at a farm, where you can get frish milk. So I took some and went further via wonderful contry-lanes to our accomodation.

IMG_20150603_141336 IMG_20150603_141306 IMG_20150603_134555



My duty was to help the team before and after the flight or to follow the balloon by car, which I did as well two times. In my opinion both is a lot of fun, either to follow or to fly in the balloon. The team was so great that we even had a lot of fun besides the competition!

We got up at around 4 o’clock to be in time for the sunrise, when the thermal wasn’t too active. The second flight of the day was planned in the evening, before sunset. During the day we had to rest and gain energy for the next flight.


Our team from inside and outside of the car.


Preparation before take off

DSC_7487k DSC_7482k DSC_7328k

Pilots discussing the weather and wind directions and the perfect starting point.


In the air.

DSC_7567_1k DSC_7558_1k DSC_7556k DSC_7545_3k DSC_7516_1k DSC_7442_1k DSC_7417_1k DSC_7394_1k DSC_7380k DSC_7348_1k DSC_7334k

Information about the wind direction for the pilot.


After a hard competition flight a rest is well deserved.

DSC_7466_1k Flugplatz Eutingenk

Packing the balloon to put it into the trailer.


I really can recommend to do ballooning at least one time in your life, it is a wonderful experience to go with the wind. So peaceful. Even so a competition is less peaceful and can be very stressful instead, it is still a stunning hobby to do.


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