Mountainbiking in and around Cape Town

On the way back to Cape Town I managed to go on a tour in the Cederberg area.

Beautiful but again very hot to cycle there. In addition there are wild Leopards, but of course I didn’t see any 😀

IMG_20150319_144233 IMG_20150319_144151

It might be a little bit more beautiful in winter time, when all the area is green and fertile. Maybe I can even manage to see a wild Leopard when I am coming back one day.


Around Cape Town there is a real heaven for Mountainbiker, Stellenbosch is a Mekka and there are lots of passes to improve your contition and fitness!

IMG_20150305_133326 IMG_20150305_150409

IMG_20150305_150322 IMG_20150302_143506

My very favourite spot to go MTB riding without luggage is at Paradyskloof, near Stellenbosch. The landscape there is stunning and you can choose so many trails that one day there is not enough to explore everything. As well there are really great singletrails and some jumps. Best is, all that is for free! As there are some people walking with their dogs on the gravel roads, it might be respectful to slow down, so everyone can enjoy the beautiful place the same way.

Another option is to go biking at Jonkershoek as well in the area around Stellenbosch. Here you have to pay some Rand to enter the nature reserve. You can do a 10km long loop if I remember it right. And from the loop you can go on different trails, but I didn’t explore the area too much, as I only spent there a couple of hours.



IMG_20150307_130433_2CS IMG_20150307_130346

Unfortunately the Kalkbay mountains were bourned down by a wildfire when I arrived in Cape Town and the trails at Tokai and other places were closed down.



I defenately can recommend MTB riding espacially in the area of Stellenbosch and if you like roadcycling more you will have a lot of fun with a lot of mountain passes around Cape Town.

The Chapman’s Peak Drive is known as one of the most beautiful ocean roads!




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