From Dusk till Dawn

During the day I was busy cycling, the light was too bright to take really stunning photos and I rather enjoyed the headwind which was cooling me nicely down. In the evenings I loved to explore my chosen bedroom and take some photos to relax from the physical strain. DSC_5939k DSC_5536k DSC_3008k DSC_5799k Just before the sun touches the horizont of earth the light is nice and soft. If you shoot against the sun there are beautiful light structures to discover. DSC_5913k DSC_6012k DSC_6409k Personally I prefere cloudy skys for sunset, that makes the sky interesting and a nice contrast to the foreground, DSC_6598k If you choose a high f-stop number the sun will look like a star. DSC_4687k DSC_4611-3 DSC_3034k DSC_2557k DSC_6676k When the sun is gone to bring us darkness for recovering and sleeping tight, the world is coverd in a low light. But the sky is still coloured for a while. The moon comes up and the first stars appear. DSC_2565-1 DSC_5845k DSC_5821k Humans go to sleep and some animals just get awake to hunt. DSC_2895k DSC_2892k Night hunting time goes until dawn and shortly before the sun rises there is twilight again and the blue-hour turns the landscape in a cold tone. That is the coldest time, just before the sun rises you will feel the cold. DSC_5380k DSC_5164k Slowely the world gets awake again, the moon sets and another day comes up. DSC_5933k DSC_4920k


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