Travelling is about culture and meeting people

The reason why I personally love travelling is to dive into a totally new culture and get local people to know, listen to their stories and share mine as well. For South Africa and Namibia I can say, both countries are very hospitable countries. Every single person I asked for the way, where the next camping possibility is or other issues was friendly and borrowed me some time to explain everything to me. During these 3 month I haven’t had one single bad experience! So I say thank you to all of the people I met and hope that I can give advice and help travellers in my hometown to leave a good feeling of the country and culture.

Normally I don’t like to take photos of people, so there are only a few which I can show.


Two very friendly ladies are eating meali pap and gave me advice to eat it as well on my journey.


Juggler in Swakopmund, I met with him to play Poi one evening


Truck driver asked me what I am doing. He didn’t believe that I am travelling by bike.


Two men walking on the dunes of Swakopmund


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