Once upon a time Kolmanskop was the richest town in Africa, but diamonds are not forever… When the mines where nearly empty and no diamond with good quality was found anymore, the mining companies moved south to better mining spots.

Around 1910 there was the peak of diamond mining in the Sperrgebiet near Lüderitz. Kolmanskop was built and even that there was no proper water utility a hospital, theatre, butchery and ice-factory belonged to the little town in middle of the desert.

After the mining operation moved away the nature had chance to regain the area and the dunes moved into the houses where people were living before. It is a very magic place to visit, especially during noon when the shadows and contrasts are high.


DSC_3595k DSC_3585k DSC_3607k

DSC_3627k DSC_3624k DSC_3619k DSC_3596k

DSC_3613-2k DSC_3589k DSC_3584k

DSC_3579k DSC_3628k

Byebye Lüderitz and Kolmanskop!



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