Diaz Point

On the 14ks long horrible washingboard gravel road from Lüderitz to Dias Point I had to stop to take some photos of the Springboks on the way, I think there are not many places where you can see Springboks directly on the coast with the ocean as backround. I loved the contrasts of the animals and the blue ocean.


The normal sighting of animals was tone in tone and sometimes you can’t hardly discover the animals because the colours are nearly the same.

DSC_3090k DSC_3436k

When I eventually arrived at Diaz Point there was thick fog and a spooky atmosphere. Only some seagulls were there and conquered the Diaz Cross.


DSC_3559k DSC_3476k DSC_3469k

Bartolomeu Dias was another renowned Portuguese explorer and seafarer who sailed the seas around Africa discovering sailing routes, pioneering travel and orientating trade routes between western Europe and Asia. In 1488, Dias was ordered by King John II of Portugal to try and sail to the southern end of Africa (and eventually on to Asia). His Majesty wanted to know how far ships could sail on that route after previous expeditions to the Orient had failed. Eventually he reached the mouth of the Oranje, where a storm blew his ship around what is know today as the Cape of Good Hope.


On the return journey, Dias sailed into the inlet known as Lüderitz Bay. In true Portuguese style a stonecross was rised in 1488. The stone beacon remained undamaged, less for weathering by the Atlantic winds and surf pounding against the limestone sides, until the early 19th century.

On the way to Grosse Bucht I could see that there was one more human being in this remote area. There was a lonly kiteboarder playing in the waves. I took another rest next to an old shipwrack, put out my shoes and socks to cool them down in the ocean. Before I started my bumpy way back to Lüderitz I took some photos of the kiter.

DSC_4413k DSC_4311k DSC_4106k DSC_3266k DSC_3178k


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