Welcome to Goageb

110 km in the sweating heat, the next destination is Goageb!

Prepared with around 5l water for the day I started early mornings direction Goageb, it was still cool and dark, so I put on my long pants and my headlamp. Half an hour later the sun was up and the landscape looked unbelievable beautiful in the morninglight. Light yellow and fresh.

But this moment doesn’t last very long, after a couple of minutes you can feel the heat coming up and I changed my long pants to a shorter one. Some hours later it is so hot that I had to make a 15 minutes rest under a little bridge to eat something.

The way to Goageb which was marked in my map as a not too little dot was hot but luckily I head some headwind, so I could cool a little bit down. Only 30ks to Goageb that means I am near by, only about 2 more hours to cycle.

I was looking forward to sit down and having a cool coke! A cool coke is like a booster and makes you feel energetic after seconds. The good old monosaccharide! Love it!

When I finally arrived in Goageb around 2 or 3 o’clock I was shocked! Where the hell is the kiosk with the cool coke? No man, that is not true, where is the whole town?



Another look into my map, yes it is still there, the not so big dot and written next to it “Goageb”. But this is not a town anymore…

Welcome to Goageb, please choose your room!






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