Where did you sleep?

Many friends are asking me where I slept during the tour. That was very diverse and sometimes I camped wild next to the road, had a bed via warmshowers or couchsurfing and of course I stayed at campgrounds to wash some clothes and myself properly.

One night there was a horrible thunderstorm and I decided to move into the ablution block, luckily I was the only guest at the camping facility, so no one was disturbing my sleep there.


Sometimes I had wonderful facilities at the camping spots and was allowed to use the swimmingpool.

IMG_20150205_152638 IMG_20150201_112240

When I was lucky I found a nice tree and even had a little bit of shade before the evening.

DSC_2910 DSC_2790

Sometimes I was not so lucky to find a tree, but there were some bridges on the way, so I crawled under the street.


The luxury of a own room was very special and my back enjoyed it too, to sleep on a proper matress.

Nam-SA-2015 339

But I have to say, the most unique and amazing experiences were when I camped wild in nature.

Nam-SA-2015 144


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