Kalahari Desert

In the desert I feel home. In Namibia you can find two deserts the Namib, which is the oldest desert in the world, and the Kgalagadi desert, which is more a savanna with many camelthorn trees.


I had the great possibility to visit both and I spent some days in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Nationalpark which includes areas in South Africa and Botswana, but You can enter it from Namibia, too. This entrance is at the place called Mata Mata.


The park fees is for foreigners much more expensive than for locals, but I wanted to visit the park, so there is not much to negogiate… If you come from Mata Mata I could recommend to spend the first night right infront of the border, there is a camping ground on the Namibian side wich costs only 70 N$ (Rand) and then enter the park the next day, unless you don’t arrive right in the morning. Inside the park I think I paid 280 Rand a night or even more for camping.

Inside the Park it is not allowed to go by bicycle, why? -> You can discover yourself later…

Jerome, where I stayed two nights in Vredenburg came to pick me up and we visited the park together. He was as impressed as me, loves animals and we had an amazing time inside the park. First I was a bit worried because I cycled a long time on my own and was so used to my own decissions. But we made a great team and everything was easygoing! Thanks Jeromo!


But to be honest afterwards it was every single cent worth, because we saw so much animals including Leopards, Cheetas, Lions and a lot of Giraffes, Springbok and Oryx,….

DSC_4717 DSC_4732 DSC_4744 DSC_4740


DSC_4729 DSC_4784 DSC_4778 DSC_5000 DSC_4907

DSC_4950 DSC_4803

You are not allowed to step out of your car, even at the official restcamps you should be more than careful!


A Lioness lies just 2m next to a table where we wanted to have a lunchbreak. We decided not to rest there.


Lots of lions and we had the amazing possibility to watch a copula.

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DSC_4964 DSC_4920

DSC_4883  DSC_5048 DSC_5022

DSC_5018 DSC_5248 DSC_4761


2 thoughts on “Kalahari Desert

  1. It was a pleasure to travel with you in Namibia, South Africa and even a jump into Botswana. Finding that leopard next to us was epic.

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