Namib Naukluft Park

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The Namib Naukluft Park was one of the most beautiful areas I had been so far. The fence next to the road disappeared and now I was directly next to all these amazing wild animals. The wildebeest, zebras and oryx ran next to me and my bike and sometimes I better took a longer way around them, because I am only a visitor in their territory. I camped in the wild as the distances were too long for one day and the full moon was enlightening my whole bedroom in middle of the nature. I guess I was sleeping in the bed of the one oryx as he was watching me carefully when I settled down and preparing my camp. Finally he went off and probably was a little bit pissed because he had now to look for another place to sleep.

I carried my food bag about 200m away from my sleeping place just to make sure I don’t have unwanted visitors like jakals or baboons near me while sleeping.

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The way to Swakop is long and I stayed one night at Rostock Ritz, a wonderful place and you can see a lot of zebras in this area. As well they care about meerkats and you can watch the feeding and the animals running around near the cabins.

DSC_5980 DSC_5939


Ah and the pool has a wonderful view by the way.


Leaving Rostock there were 2 passes waiting for me to climb. As a Bavarian girl I know a lot about passes and got a little bit scared about 2 passes in one day. I tried to figure out how bad these passes are and had a chat to the barman an Rostock who told me yaah yaaah these are very steep and showed a 90 degree sign with his hand. Ok I don’t believe it will be that steep and I decided to have a look by my self, there is not really another way anyway.


So I started and arrived at the Gaub pass about half an hour after leaving. I was up the hill in around half an hour and wondered were the pass is as I arrived at the sign I already had climbed it. Haha I was really surprised that is was this little hill called a pass. Kuiseb pass to go! After a long and tiring uphill downhill section which did not seem to end I arrived in the Canyon and a lot of Baboons were chasing me and my food.


This climb took me longer than the first one and the section after the beautiful canyon was very dry and boring. Not really boring, but there was just no shade at all and the hills seemed never to had an end, what was very depressing. Everytime I got on the top there was another long way to the next little hill and it was a enduring slow uphill ride.


Keep calm and continue!



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