Next stop Sossusvlei!

On the way I stayed at some campinggrounds and in the wild. Either or I was mostly the only guest and had the space for me. Hearing the jackals at night or the warthogs was a very special experience and one night I decided to put up my tent and in the morning I got a mark from a jackal on my tent, puu that stinks awefull! But I am only a guest in the wild and so that were very intense moments for me, I love to be out there!

For 5 years I eve wanted to Sossus and now I finally got to the place. I came there and hoped to get a lift in the morning to the dunes. As the 60 ks I couldn’t do on my bike and be there to the right time, sunrise. Anyway when I wanted to ride to the dunes in the afternoon, the day I arrived I got stopped by a ranger who said it is not allowed to go there by bike, too dangerous?!

Hectic! I came here on 100s of ks gravelroad and this guy says it is too dangerous to ride 60ks one way on a plain tared road?

Finally I found a Swedish couple who were agreeing to take me in the morning with them in their Landrover.


The afternoon we explored the Sesriam Canyon which was in my eyes not that special but it was good to do something else with my feet than cycling. Very nice people the Swedish couple, I organized some beer for us the evening before and they invited me for a lekker “Brotzeit”.

DSC_5536 DSC_5522 DSC_5495 DSC_5491 DSC_5464 DSC_5408 DSC_5391

Nice in time we started early the next morning to climb the Dune45 and go later on to Sossus and Deadvlei.

But after 30ks there was suddenly a lot of mist and we weren’t able to see the next 10ms. WHAT is that? Thick fog! We arrived at the Dune, but weren’t really sure if we were climbing the right dune because we didn’t see far. Anyway we started and after half an hour we asked ourselfes if we had reached to highest point? We sat down and waited patiently for the sunrise. But there was only a low light to see far away in the mist.

After a while we decided to climb down again and have a look to the Deadvlei. What a surprise, fog! We were a little disappointed because the sunrise was covered and we saw only white and thick fog. When we arrived at Sossusvlei the sun was of course already up and the light was hard. Ok, it was a special and unique experience to have fog, at least for us who will leave the same day.

DSC_5563 DSC_5595 DSC_5637 DSC_5676 DSC_5688 DSC_5767


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