Via Aus to Luderitz

On the way to Luderitz I left Seeheim behind and started direction Aus. It was a long distance to go so I needed to stop in between. As there was nothing than road and dry flats I just wanted a safe place to sleep where not everyone is able to see my bed. Sometimes there were little bridges where I took a rest to cover from the sun. These were perfect to stay the night I decided. Before climbing with all heavy get at down the road, I checked the spot for snakes, spiders or scorpions with my tripod. As I found no unwanted neighbours, I got my bike and gear and made my bed. I started early the next morning, because there was a wind blowing through the tunnel and I did not sleep very well even if there was barely no car crossing during night times. The net night I stayed in Aus at a camping ground and had a nice usual warm shower at 40°C. Usually I just sleep on the soil in my 1.000.000  star hotel. IMG_20150120_183522 IMG_20150120_190708


One thought on “Via Aus to Luderitz

  1. I´m so proud of you!! Looking forward to see you again with all your new experiences, survival hints and photos! Keep track of all your aims on your travel. A lot of hugs! Sabrina

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