Fishriver Canyon

After crossing the Namibian borderIMG_20140101_021151 I stayed one night in Noordoewer and after a short riding day one night in Aussenkehr. Here I was able to stock up my food at the local Spar. I enjoyed another beautiful evening and morning at the Oranje river. I had a nice braai with my neighbour. He made lampchops and I brought some mushrooms with cream cheese and garlic. Like we do it always at the flat of the dread. IMG_20150114_062122 IMG_20150113_200626   IMG_20150107_172532 Next destination is the fish river canyon. The canyon is really stunning. All this was created by nature. Today there is only a little bit of water. Originally I wanted to get some nice sunset photos, but the way was too long and the ranger said it is not allowed to camp at the lookout point. I did not want to give it a try and enjoyed sunset at the Canon Lodge which was a good decision. There was a nice pool which was allowed to use by campers as well. IMG_20150118_160552  IMG_20150118_161527IMG_20150118_192556IMG_20150118_194742_1IMG_20150120_182251IMG_20150118_195033_1


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