Springbok and hopping over to Namibia

In Springbok I arrived at about 2pm, after I checked out the bikeshop, which unfortunately had nearly nothing there. I got a new tube but still no new ceiling and no bikepump. I lost my pump anywhere on the way. But as I stayed in Springbok 2 nights, I met my very nice neighbours from Gauteng who were doing MTB races when they were young and had a lot of good advice and a spare pump for me. We had 2 great evenings together and I felt refreshed again after sleeping in the sun nearly one whole day.


The next morning I made my way to the border. Awesomeness nearly 70km downhill, what was a pleasure at 40°. Crossing the border to Namibia was no problem at all and after 15 minutes I rolled over the Orange river into Namibia.


After another 15 km I arrived at Felix Unite camp to stay there for one night. As in these last km was nearly no wind blowing it was unbelieveable hot. First was taking a nice warm shower, the water does not really get cold out of the tab.


Stunning sunset with a beautiful view down to the Oranje. The camping was quite expensive but in the end the view was worth it and I got some lekker boerewors from the group next to my place. They all stayed the night without tent under the stars. Next morning they startend to a 5 day canoetour organised by the camp. And I started as well early at 5am, to get some cool riding hours.


No more punctures luckily by now.

I would love to show you more than these cell phone photos, but for the Moment this is only accesable.


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