Jerome took me on a really special kayaking trip. We started from Saldanha and paddled along the harbour. He is a fisherman and told me a lot about the ocean, fish, food and other things. It was very interesting, because I did not know much about these things before. At the moment he said it is lobster time but he fishes different fish and sea-animals during the year. DSC01149 Jerome said there is a jetty and we can paddle under it. That was one stunning moment when we entered this new world. It felt like being in an aquarium and the green water was reflecting on the walls and the ceiling. DSC01151DSC01164

All photos copyright is Jeromes. Special thanks again for the great time!

AThis was a really really special trip, which I will never forget. So simple but unique.


2 thoughts on “Kayaking

  1. It was a pleasure having you join me kayaking. You are the first person that I have taken to this secret location of mine. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing person to share it with. I like the idea of it being called an aquarium, from now on I will call it “Bella’s Aquarium” 🙂

  2. schoene photos – lassen erahnen, welches erlebnis!
    weiterhin gute und sichere reise mit interessanten menschen und beeindruckender natur.

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