Say Hi to Capetown

DSC_1491Good morning Capetown,

Good morning South Africa,

tired but happy. Sunshine is a warm welcome to start my journey.

Once setup my bike again and collected all luggage I was headin directly North, leaving the city centre of Capetown behind to come back there in about three month.

Unfortunately I already had my first puncture yet, was a sharp and hard thorn from the street. Thank you Gert for fixing it!


First night I am spending near Bloubergstrand with my great warmshower host and punture Doc and collect some more sleep, what I did miss out in the airplane. But before I have had a really really great day playing Volleyball in the pool and having picknick at the Beach. Next morning I am cycling to a nice Café in Bloubergstrand together with my hosts and have a reunion and breakfast with a former school mate there. Both of us had the same majors in our A-Levels and enjoyed 2 years specialised course in physical education together.

Really awesome that it is possible to meet up here again after 5 years!





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