Better take a tent!

Last time I wrote some thoughts about the Dackelgarage, which is only a shelter with a bivy bag. But as there are some dangerous snakes in South Africa and Namibia as well as scorpions, a proper tent which I can close completely would be the better solution.


Snakes and scorpions love the heat, especially snakes like to lie in the sun on dark surface to warm their bodies. They do this because they are ectotherm like all reptiles and they need heat to survive, as they cannot produce it by themselves. They need to warm up for being able to move or to eat.

In addition snakes are very sensitive to vibration and most the time they are already hidden before someone arrives them. Nevertheless in high grass or looking for firewood in the dark could be dangerous, so it could be worth to be carefull and take a light with.

Watching the shoes in the morning before stepping in or better to take it into the tent is another good advice.

So here is my tent solution, it is a very cheap one. But it can stand by itself and is a nice cover over my head. As well I can leave my stuff inside it when I am exploring the area to take some photos or anything.



2 thoughts on “Better take a tent!

    • Hoping so! My luggage will stay with me inside the tent to get a little more stability. As well as the tentpegs will hopefully stand it, if there is a not too hard soil to put them into.
      Most evenings there is a southwest wind in the Namibarea, so I could try to put the tent up within the direction.

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