Beercan stove

Some weeks ago I read an interesting article about selfmade camping stoves, which were made only out of an old beercan. Inspired by that I had a chat with a friend of mine, who is becoming a wilderness guide. As he told me, he had already built such a nice tool, I was even more excited.

Therefore we planned a trip to a little hut in the woods and as he did the tourplanning, I went shopping for a nice meal to be cooked on the beercan.

Once more I realized you become so creative when bein on tour and you have to rely on small and easy parts, or invent new tools. Most the time these tools are made out of trash or cheap stuff, but work really good and in this case are even so light weight.

As conclusion it can be said that the cooking worked really great, the water for the couscous was boiling really fast so it does not take much more time as with an expensive serial camping stove. Just while stiring we had to be careful, as the contact surface of the pot is not that big. As well the can-stove should not stand on rough or burnable surface.

So I probably will take such a camping stove with me to africa and tell you about my experiences in some month. Just the spirit can not be brought via airplane, but for sure I am able to get one in CPT or elsewhere.

A DIY tutorial you can find here, feel free to share your experience in a comment!


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