Kampenwand biking


Some trainingdays in the Chiemgau region this summer. When we arrived in Bernau with the train it started to rain. But all two of us wanted to go anyway as we had reserved a sleeping place at a nice hut on top of the mountain. Luckily we did reserve an accomodation as bivy in pouring rain is not that much fun most the time. We got to freeze very soon and only took short breaks, because in movement the colderness wasn’t that bad. But as it is like with rainclothes you’ll be wet from inside and outside very soon. This times it is nice to know that all wet stuff can be dried in the evening and the body and mood can warm up after the riding.


When we were about 15 minutes to the hut it stopped raining but the clouds were really thick and this is why we missed to take the right path and did a detour for about 1 hour. Even with map it was quite a hard issue to find the way to the hut. But finally we found it and warmed up with a hot tea cooked over the fireplace inside the hut. One thing I learned during this trip when I wanted to dry my insoles close above the oven: Don’t do this! I even forgot about it and when I wanted to get the insoles to put it back in my shoes, I got some surprise as the insoles were about half size than before. Ok nice lecture though… I will probably not dry my shoes again close to the fire, better dry it on my body and put some plastic bags around my feet.

The next day it cleared up and we were able to get on the really top to the summit of the 1669 m tall mountain called “Kampenwand”. It was very rocky and sometimes we regret that we only had our biking shoes with metal for the clickpedals on the downside, which was not well for the grip. But we walked slowely and so I was able to take some photos in addition.

Here are some of the photos taken during the trip.




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